Digital technology has changed the world-be it for an adult or for children. Now more and more children go online, they are connected to the world through their fingertips. This has significantly changed the whole aspect of childhood as such.

As the influence of digital technology – and especially the internet – has increased, the debate about its impact has grown louder: is it a boon or threat? Pre-Covid era most of the parents voted it to be a threat but now things are changing. Parents consider it as a safer option, because children can learn online. But the fact is that -be it a boon or threat, digital technology is part of our lives. As parents we should only help/guide our children to turn it for better.

We are aware of the fact that kids are addicted to playing games, watching YouTube videos and other social media platforms. Studies say that around 70% of children have accidently encountered online pornography, often through a web search while doing homework. Only 15% of parents are aware about their kid’s internet habits.  Are you a parent who is concerned about your kid’s exposure to the internet?

These are bare minimum safety steps to be taken by parents:


Parents have to monitor their child’s internet activities without being over protective spy like type, rather they can

  • Block unnecessary sites manually or through a plugin this will prevent the kids to not stumble upon any adult content.
  • Take some time from work to co-view or co-play with them online as this will help you understand their internet experience.

Parents can also try and use various apps to monitor a child’s internet activities and also to limit their screen time.  Few child safety apps that you can check out in play store are

Family link

Family link is a parental control software for smart phones that allows parents to keep a track of their children’s smartphones.

Kids Place

Kids Place is an app created for parents who want to monitor their children’s activity on phones and tablets, customizing control features and how devices are used.


As a parent it is important that you try and reduce screen time for your kids by engaging them in indoor or outdoor activities. Make it a habit to spend quality time with family. Before using any parental controls, it is important that you discuss with your child to make them understand that these measures are taken to protect them. Boundaries are not only for the child to follow but also for the parents because parent’s behavior can influence the child. Therefore parents should limit their screen time too which makes you available to connect and play with your child.


Talk to your child about various problems in the internet especially social media like Facebook, Instagram. These services enable direct interactions between individuals. Advise your kid to check the age restrictions for the social networking or game.  Educate them about cyber bullying and if they come across any bullies ask them to immediately look for your help. Teach your kids not to share personal information with any strangers and be aware of suspicious link.

Source: Google

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