Lockdown has impacted everyone’s life in different ways. Each person goes through some kind of suffocation to stay home all day. Kids are the biggest sufferers in this period where they do not understand the consequences and they always want to explore mother nature. Ultimately, it pressurizes the parents and the caretakers to find ways to make them sit at home and entertain them.
Though there are some relaxations in the lockdown it is not completely safe to let your children go outside to play in the park, visit malls, or do shopping.
Here are some simple and effective tips to make yourself prepared to face the days ahead to manage your kids at home.

Maintain a schedule
This is very important to follow when you are a parent. Either it can be perfect or not maintain a schedule that your child should be able to understand the pattern of how the day goes. Yes, it is very difficult to do a schedule, but try to maintain it. This helps them to follow a pattern of sleeping, reading, eating, and playing.

Engage your kids in day to day activities
Children need to learn basic work like bathing, cleaning, and cooking. They are keen on doing all your activities. Just encourage them to help you in your kitchen chores like cleaning, picking up vegetables for you, and organizing the home.
Gardening is the best thing to do in this lockdown where the kids are also excited to learn about the germination process. They are much excited to use the home-grown greens and veggies.
Inculcate the habit of reading books to you and ask them to tell you stories. This helps them in improving their imagination skills and thinking ability.

Play with them
Children of all ages need your attention every day. So, involve yourself and play with them for some time. For working parents, this can be a relaxation time from their work routine. They are so excited to have you to play with them. Make them understand that you can spare only a few amounts of time.
They love to learn new things every day, help them to do some crafts, painting. Teach them some small crazy things to keep them occupied.

Limited screen time
Screen time is kids’ favorite where they just involve themselves so much irrespective of age. It’s really hard to keep them away from the screen completely. But, try to limit screen time. Say NO to them or have some particular time to watch based on their age. Keep on ensuring that it’s not good to be glued to the screen always.
It is also best to give only kids content to children below 7 years. COVID 19 news need not be exposed to younger children who are not able to differentiate fact and reality. Keep on saying that not all the things shown on television are factual.

Physical activities
The most important part to do when you are staying home is to do some kind of physical activity. Find some easy ways to get some fresh air like going to the terrace or sitting in the balcony. Involve them in doing some exercises and yoga. Make them move so it helps them to reduce their stress and also their growing muscles.
Better to spend an hour in some activities to refresh your mind as well with the kids. Make them involved in some activities like mopping, drying clothes. Train them in their favorite sport in schools like running, jumping, climbing, dancing.

Keep in touch with friends and family
Small children tend to forget their relatives and friends. In such cases, it’s best to have a video call with the family members then and now. Make them understand that somehow, we are not able to visit them for some days. But eventually, when things are normal, we can have to visit all of their homes. Maintain touch with friends and family through phone and other possible safe ways.

Hence, let’s all stay home and be safe for our family and fight against the coronavirus. Have a portion of healthy home-cooked food, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your kid’s diet to strengthen the immunity. Any signs of fever and other symptoms of corona should be treated immediately from the pediatrician. This is just a phase to pass through, take a pass, and be positive to sail confidently.

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